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BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a research driven biopharmaceutical company that engages in the R&D and manufacturing of innovative medicine as well as special generic APIs and FDFs with primary strategic focus on the regulated market. 

We have an exciting and very promising innovative pipeline including immuno-oncological therapeutic agents, orally available GLP-1RA peptides for type 2 diabetes, antibody drug conjugates for solid tumor, novel non-antibody dependent tumor targeting conjugates for brain cancer and solid tumor brain-metastasis.

In parallel, we have also developed a special generic pipeline of extremely challenging molecules like Eribulin, Trabectedin, Fondaparinux, Caspofungin and non-biological macromolecules such as Ferumoxytol and Ferric pyrophosphate citrate, also we have developed ADC cytotoxic payloads, like Maytansinoids, Auristatins, and Calicheamicin.

Aim at regulated market, BrightGene has cGMP compliance factories, and has got approval from USFDA, EU, PMDA, KFDA and CFDA.We pride ourselves in exceptional R&D capability and robust project execution. Combining high productivity and cost-effective resources, along with unmatched regulatory and technical know-how, BrightGene is uniquely positioned to compete in the global pharmaceutical industry, particularly the fast growing specialty pharmaceutical sector.


信泰制药(苏州)有限公司 博瑞生物医药泰兴市有限公司 BuildingC25-28,No.218Xinghu Road, SIP, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China No. 22, Binjiang South Road, Taixing Economic Development Zone TELL:0512-62551834 TELL:0523-87679286 FAX:0512-62551799 FAX:0523-87678188 重庆乾泰生物医药有限公司 Chongqing city Beibei District Feng Road No. 290 building 202 Taisho


Brilliant mission

Provide the patient with high quality medicine, reduce the patient's economic burden, solve the patient's pain, bring the life hope to the patient and benefit the society.

Enterprise values Lasting and unremitting efforts, beyond the seen is insight, excellence, strive for perfection.

Adhering to industry and industry brilliant moral philosophy, in an effort to develop new pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical with conscience and sense of responsibility, breakthrough and enterprising spirit of self with positive rigorous scientific attitude, and constantly promote the innovation of the development of the company and the pharmaceutical industry.


2017年 博瑞生物“零缺陷” 通过美国FDA检查 博瑞生物的卡泊芬净注射剂在欧洲上市 博瑞生物首次通过韩国KFDA官方认证 博瑞生物首次通过日本PMDA官方认证 2016年 博瑞生物首次通过欧盟EMDA的cGMP检查; 博瑞生物再次通过FDA的cGMP认证 2015年 博瑞生物完成股份制改造; 信泰制药和博瑞泰兴双双通过国内新版GMP认证 2013年 全资子公司信泰制药建成投产,博瑞成为全产业链医药集团; 博瑞生物首次通过美国FDA的cGMP认证 2012年 创始人袁建栋博士入选“千人计划” 2010年 博瑞生物成立全资子公司信泰制药;博瑞生物全资收购江苏森然化工和重庆乾泰生物 礼来亚洲基金参股博瑞生物; 2006年 博瑞生物开发出拥有自主产权的恩替卡韦合成工艺 2001年 博瑞生物医药技术(苏州)有限公司正式成立






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BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address:BuildingC25-28,No.218Xinghu Road, SIP, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

TEL:+86(0)512-62620988 +86(0)512-62551811/62551765 +86(0)512-62551801/62551767 

Email: sales@bright-gene.com(Sales)hr@bright-gene.com(HR)

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ADD: BuildingC25-28,No.218Xinghu Road, SIP, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


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